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Information on Payment Processing of Sales

Our site is set to AUD (austalian dollars) although anyone can join and become a vendor your store payments and processing via the site will be converted to AUD.

Fees are set by the payment gateways PayPal and Stripe for payment processing. This will be deducted automatically once customer sales process. The terms of this can be found via Paypal and Stripe which clearly set out the processing fees depending on country and customer choice of payment. (known as percentage plus a fixed price – ie 1.75% or 3.5% plus $0.30 can quickly turn into 4.5% to 8.9% dependent on the clauses and small print – they just cover it with a % and a fixed fee total)

Our transparency in processing the sales is to enable you to better understand the payment process and policies are bound by the payment gateways which you would encounter throughout any website or multi vendor format.

International transactions which can include credit card or paypal transfer for purchases encounter a higher fee as per set by PayPal, this will include if the customer does not have an account already with PayPal if this is the method of payment choice by the customer.

Stripe is systematically a credit card based payment system. Unlike PayPal the payment is processed, held and then released for distribution.

OUR site clearly sets out a genuine fixed percentage to be paid to vendors per sale to avoid confusion.


Our Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Stripe

We do not encourage vendor/seller and customer liaisons on matters such as Direct Deposit, POD or Cash Sales  outside of the secure checkout. This is to protect the seller and the buyer from fraudulent payment and purchases.

If you do not agree with this policy you are free to close your account be this customer or vendor/seller with ATPSR. Our policy on personal details obtained are clearly set out in our seller/vendor terms and conditions and customer terms and conditions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these policies which can be found in out FAQ and included at the bottom footer of our site.


Exchange Rates on Payments

The customer will pay ANY exchange rate accumulating from domestic or  international card or payment or paypal transaction if deemed by their credit card holder or financial institution being for the sale purchase. BUT, so do you on a payment process basis. As explained above in section Information on Payment Processing.

The Domestic and International fees are set out in the FEES structure below. However, if you are not an Australian based business you may incur a fee when money is transferred through commissions to vendors/sellers who wish to paid in a currency different to AUD. (we discuss this entirely in the HOW You Get Paid section)

PayPal – FEES structure

Stripe – FEES structure



Our whole basis of transparency is to give you a place in which to dedicate a business or enjoy being a part of a community solely designed to cater for all aspects of the betterment and well being. A Community connecting People, Products and Services. We charge a %5 fee on the final sale at checkout. Our fee is deducted prior to the sale processing through the payment gateway.

We do not charge you a submission fee for products, an admin fee for help or assistance.We do not charge you a monthly subscription on pre – determined hosting or sales.

We are in line with other multi vendor sites in our services but, we actually are more competitive as our moderately small fee has no hidden agendas or additional charges.



  •  we do not charge your customers service fees to purchase from you.
  • Most larger sites collect between 20% plus a fixed fee, they also charge your customers a fee for servicing the order,
  • others take a large percentage between 35% – 40%.
  • Some may give you a minimum of set payment per hour or per whole sale. ie charge $90 for a service but pay you only 1/4 of the fee charged.
  • You may find other sites charge a monthly subscription depending on store size and sales the monthly subscription based on your sales can work out to a whopping 42% – 48% without you realizing (this does not include your cart processing fees through the preferred gateway
  • Other sites may include free hosting but gather fees through extensive add ons, submission per product fees, hidden per sale percentages (we know because we did our research and have learned first hand)
  • You may choose your own build a site program – By the time you pay for hosting, site fees, merchant fees, registration, licenses, ssl certificates, protection software, programs and plug ins – your sales need to match if you are going to make a profit.

As, we have stated – we are the most transparent multi vendor market place on the web that offers what we deliver. We don’t need to sell you on our site – we know it speaks for itself.



Most importantly you are wanting to know the essential question how and when do you get paid?

Keeping with transparency we are estimating your sales less PayPal/Stripe fees and commission averages %85  paid per sale  for Australian Vendors and an average %82 per international vendor per sale which will appear in your vendor dashboard. Your vendor dashboard enables you to keep track of sales and payments processed or processing throughout the course of membership.



  • All vendor payments are made weekly (7 days from each sale date) This enables products and services to be delivered and customer satisfaction of received product or service to be obtained and refunds of any nature to be processed)
  • Australian Vendors – The funds cleared are payable to your PayPal or Bank Account  you can choose between PayPal or direct Bank Deposit
  • Keeping with transparency we are estimating your sales less PayPal/Stripe fees and commission averages %85  paid per sale  for Australian Vendors



  • All vendor payments are made weekly. (7 days from each sale) This enables products and services to be delivered and customer satisfaction of received product or service to be obtained and refunds of any nature to be processed.
  • Keeping with complete transparency – International Vendors- PayPal does charge us a FEE to transfer funds internationally (*$5.99 per 1 transaction) to your paypal account – **we have already adjusted your commission per sale to reflect
  • International Vendors wishing for direct bank transfer – the fee is approximately *$18 if sent in AUD  or $12 if sent in foreign currency (set by our institution which can vary or change as bank charges or rates change) **we have already adjusted your commission per sale to reflect 
  • International Vendors receive notification in Vendor Dashboard of sales and purchases which are processed in AUD
  • Keeping with complete transparency international vendors will receive ** 82% of your final sale. 


ATPSR INCENTIVE PROGRAM- Funds cleared for 3 Day Payment

To Qualify:

  • All vendors that have a proven daily, weekly, regular sales record for a minimum of 6 months
  • Registered business vendors ABN or equivalent RBN Reaching consistent sales grossing $2,000 aud within 3 months positive feedback – no refunds



  • Its your livelihood, your passion, your goal to sell, promote or grow your business – we want to be there to support you
  • Keeping the site transparent encourages you to build your stores confidently
  • We want to see you succeed. The purpose of this site was created to encourage, share and connect with like-minded people.
  • We are competitive – but we are fair. Every effort has been made to ensure you benefit from being a part of our growing community. There is no other site that will offer you the clarity and transparency with fees, terms and conditions.
  • WE have -No lock in contracts, no hidden fees but we ask you keep the site safe for others by following the rules.


*fees are based on the current fee structures at this time and may be updated at anytime. We will update via our site FAQ notifying of any changes and via our vendor message board in the matter of any changes.

As we grow, we hope to have a better payment system in place to support our international vendors in the future.


ATPSR does not send unsolicited emails, text or phone calls requesting your account or banking details under any format or financial institution. IF, you receive an email or phishing DO NOT engage. We correspond directly through our vendor dashboard for your security.


We reserve the right to change any of our above policies with due notice.