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Let’s talk about some important facts and DO NOT rules when joining as a Buyer Member.


DO NOT give your password or log in to anyone – this is your account therefore your details are your responsibility. We “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” hold no responsibility over breaches to your account. We do not send you any unsolicited emails asking you to reset your information, asking for passwords or credit information. THEREFORE, do not answer unsolicited emails requesting such. Check the email return or sender address is ” ” or contact us directly via CONTACT


When purchasing DO NOT give your payment details outside of our secure cart. This includes through chat, email or other forms of conversation or communication outside of the secure payment gateway in our check out. We “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” can not be held responsible for fraudulent processing of your bank, credit or payment details. We “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ”  provide through our site a secure payment gateway in which payments are processed through Pay Pal and Stripe. We expect you to adhere to our policies and rules when purchasing.


Seller/Vendors Members are not permitted to ask you for details of such. Seller/Vendor Members can negotiate a price or order prior to you using the secure cart provided. Once your payment is processed via the secure shopping cart checkout, the buyer member will receive verification of the purchase/sale and should proceed to fulfill the services or products you have paid for through the secure shopping cart checkout that we “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” marketplace site has provided.


If you have an issue with your order or service – You are to mediate between the two of you – ” You and the Seller” Each Store and seller uses the platform at our ” All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” marketplace to host a seller members for them to create a store front and provide products and services to you the buyer member.


At All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail we “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” DO NOT participate in processing shop vendors orders, payment processing (the cart checkout is processed through an encryption processing directly with with PayPal or Stripe), postage or delivery, products, services or other activities the store holder may offer. Therefore, your communication, sales or inquiries are directly  between you (the buyer) and them (the seller). We “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ”  are strictly a marketplace provider.


We have included the legal and consumer information for your protection  Buyer/Membership Terms and Conditions 


Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have encountered such – please send evidence (pictures or relevant conversations which have transpired within our site). Be reminded if your conversations or these actions are happening outside of the site we  “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” have no responsibility over personal exchanges – however if contained within the site – we “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” may investigate all parties to determine appropriate course of action at our discretion.


“All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail” Our terms and conditions for use of site along with privacy terms are to be upheld throughout your membership/sign up period, please read them ensuring you understand our  “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail “policies. You can choose to cancel or close your account at anytime by contacting us


If you feel we “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” need to change something or elaborate more on a subject – we “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail ” welcome your suggestions


Our “All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail” simple DO NOT rules are enforced to enable a safe, beautiful and uplifting experience when visiting our site All Therapies Psychic Spiritual Retail – A holistic Community connecting People, Products and Services.