Understanding Numerology

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It is my intention with putting together Understanding Numerology that you will be able to explore the benefits in which numbers can enable you to create and reinforced positive attributes or personal self-empowerment which can illuminate a more happier and content life path.
You will find a lot of information which can assist you to delve deeper into understanding the art of numbers. Remember there are no wrong or right answers however, you can awaken a thirst for wanting to learn and know more. It can be addictive!
I will cover the basics in number meanings along with detailing how to work with numbers for problems solving, predictive and favorable outcomes.
This book contains meanings and interpretations in which I have spent a majority of my teen and adult life in a love affair of numbers and learning to better understand the complexity of numerology and its influences throughout our life patterns.
Introduction to Numerology , Alphabet Numerology ,Expression or Destiny Numbers ,Hearts Desire/Souls Urge – Vowels ,Personality – Constants ,Life Path Numerology ,Pinnacles and Challenges ,Arrows of Attributes ,Hidden Talents ,Missing Numbers ,Personal Years ,Personal Months ,Personal Days , Home Numbers

Copyright © 2017 Carolyn Clairvoyant
ISBN: 9781520503196

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